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Kyocera debuts violet-based white and color packaged LEDs, lights Japanese façade [2016-11-28] 346
Towering Power-over-Ethernet: Philips, Cisco wire Madrid skyscraper with IoT lighting [2016-11-28] 449
Pact puts circadian lighting on the buying list for thousands of US healthcare providers [2016-11-28] 376
LIFX dropping tunable white LED lamps, to go with color only [2016-10-31] 389
Gooee broadens its IoT technology by going outside the luminaire [2016-10-31] 320
Osram doctors its IoT efforts again, hiring another Bosch exec and creating a Silicon Valley group [2016-10-12] 398
Cree ramps performance in red LEDs for horticultural lighting applications [2016-10-12] 362
Philips Lighting reports LED lighting grows tastier tomatoes year round [2016-10-12] 470
Philips Lighting adds sensor and tunable-white LED lamps to Hue portfolio [2016-9-5] 364
New phosphor blend for LEDs could crank up Li-Fi speed [2016-8-23] 408
LIFX expands smart home lighting possibilities with "if this then that" deal [2016-8-18] 395
Trilux and Dutch startup team for wireless LED lighting systems at medical library [2016-8-18] 366
Osram sells LEDvance SSL business to Chinese trio including MLS [2016-8-9] 408
Reston Hospital retrofits parking facility with Cree LED fixtures and controls [2016-8-9] 394
Pandora leverages LEDs to reimagine Michael Jackson classic video [2016-8-9] 412
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